10 Things About Lakewood Hospital

The following review of Lakewood Hospital facts is also available as a PDF you can download and print out.

1) Lakewood Hospital is Owned by the Citizens Of Lakewood. The land and buildings, every MRI, ultrasound, operating table, every piece of lab equipment—right down to each light bulb—are all owned by Lakewood residents.

2) The Clinic Leases the Hospital. There are 10 more years left on the lease.

3) A $400 Million Lawsuit Has Unearthed Secret Documents and testimonies revealing that the Clinic planned and implemented the destruction of Lakewood Hospital with empty promises to make the hospital sustainable for years to come. Dennis Kucinich explains in this video.

4) The Hospital Was Profitable until this year, even after the Clinic removed nearly two dozen services and departments beginning in 2007, culminating this past January with the closing of the cardiac catheterization lab. The Clinic said the state health department made them close this most profitable unit, which was not true. The City’s three representatives on the Lakewood Hospital Association (LHA) board did nothing. City Council stood by tacitly as the hospital was steadily emptied of valuable resources.

5) City Council and LHA Have Not Permitted Competitive Bidding by Potential Suitors Who Could Run the Hospital. Three times city officials and the LHA have turned their backs on viable offers, and now want to hand the Clinic a virtual monopoly on the market area. City officials and the LHA want to block all future possible healthcare providers from ever using the present hospital site by providing the Clinic with a restrictive non-compete covenant.

6) Lives Will Be at Risk According to Firefighter/Ems Personnel. See their comments in this video interview. At this link, see a very personal testimony of a life saving experience related to the issue.

7) The Hospital is Lakewood’s Largest Employer. There are 1,100 people working at the hospital at an average annual salary of $59,000. That means the City will lose about $900,000 a year in income tax revenue. The proposed Family Health Center will employ about 150 people.

8) $280 Million Annually Will Be Gone From Lakewood’s Economy. Suppliers, doctors, nurses and related businesses comprise our largest economic engine. There is nothing on the table that will generate anything near this economic output. Chairperson Marguerite Harkness explains at this link. Analysis starts at 3 minutes into video.

9) There are Several Thousand Seniors Living Within Just 3 Blocks of the Hospital. Their lives depend on the proximity of a full service hospital. See this short video of “The Westerly” senior living facility.

10) Lakewood Hospital’s true value is at least $120 Million. Under the latest deal, the Clinic will receive our assets at pennies on the dollar and use our assets to build their health clinic that they will own.

  • Lakewood Hospital value: Approx. $120 Million
  • Clinic pays over 10 years: Approx. ($40 Million)
  • Lakewood loses assets worth $80 million