Anderson: city should hire our own consultant reports today that “City councilman David Anderson wants [Lakewood city] council to consider hiring a health care consultant to help decide whether to approve a controversial plan to close and demolish the city-owned hospital.”

Writes Bruce Geiselman, “Anderson told council colleagues the city and residents would benefit from its own advice on what is in the best interests of residents, rather than relying on information from a hospital-hired consultant.”

Following Councilman O’Leary’s recent call for study of the economic consequences of closing Lakewood Hospital, this is encouraging news. The Cleveland Clinic plan, which requires approval by our city council, is not a done deal. Let members of council know that you support proper investigation of all options for our hospital, rather than just rubber-stamping the Clinic’s letter of intent.

Councilman Anderson’s complete letter to the rest of the council follows the story at, here.