August updates

A brief update on some of the things happening and coming up, as August advances:

  • It’s time to move into action, and get out the vote to defeat the deal which closed Lakewood Hospital. Drop by the campaign kick-off potluck on Sept. 4 to get started!
  • In the most recent Lakewood Observer, Bill Mager looks into what became of the deal’s cheerleaders, “Build Lakewood.” Sharp-eyed citizens have taken a look at the group’s relaunch under yet another identity, meanwhile, and apparently they still haven’t studied the basic facts of their own deal.
  • The Observer‘s publisher draws a contrast between the disastrous top-down deal, and another local project which shows how making decisions openly, as a community, is the way to real progress.
  • Our campaign site looked at a related issue, recently, in examining the deal’s brand of imitation progress with a shiny exterior.

Check back for more news, or connect on Facebook and Twitter—and remember to vote against the deal on Nov. 8 to open up better options!