Citizens speak out against Issue 64

The newest Lakewood Observer delivers further thoughtful, informed criticism of Issue 64.

Some officials apparently find the objections to 64 so troubling, meanwhile, that they have chosen to retreat from them; on Tuesday, the Observer‘s publisher reported that a newspaper which community leaders have praised for a decade has been blocked from entering City Hall. Despite the presence of multiple articles on both sides of the issue, it seems that the proponents of Issue 64 would rather avoid contrary views than engage with them.

For those willing to give the case against Issue 64 a hearing, however, the current Observer is well worth reading. Pick up a free copy at businesses and other sites around Lakewood, and let them know that you appreciate their support for open dialogue. Among the comments in this issue:

The Cleveland Clinic’s records confirm that it owed Lakewood more than $270 million under the terms of its former lease on Lakewood Hospital—flatly contradicting the claim of Issue 64 proponents.

PJ Bennett raises a number of interesting points about the lease which Issue 64 tears up, including a reminder that even the Cleveland Clinic is required to abide by a lease’s terms, even when it doesn’t want to.

“Sorting Out Issue 64” takes a detailed look at the actual agreement up for a public vote this November, and confirms that Issue 64 will allow Lakewood’s ER to shut down at any time.

One Lakewood resident provides a frank account of another recent, desperate effort to keep only one point of view represented in the debate about Issue 64.

A local author addresses fears that Lakewood is stuck with a bad deal, no matter what, by reviewing our history and reminding us that Lakewood’s people can make better options happen, and have done so again and again. As he writes, “This fall we have another chance to continue our Lakewood story… we can vote against a needlessly closed hospital, and against a retreating, declining Lakewood that settles for less.”