Consequences if Lakewood Hospital closes

Every deal involves winners and losers. That approved by Lakewood city council earlier this month, if allowed to proceed, will be no exception:

Winners in the Master Agreement

  • Cleveland Clinic uses city cash and assets to build an office building that they will own.
  • The Clinic eliminates competition and controls health care in Lakewood.
  • The Clinic gets Lakewood city assets for pennies on the dollar.
  • The Clinic skips out on remaining 10 years of lease.

Losers in the Agreement

  • Lakewood loses profitable acute care hospital and full service emergency room.
  • City deprived of competing health care providers. No competition means higher costs of health care.
  • 1,100 employees of Lakewood Hospital lose jobs in Lakewood.
  • City trades Hospital assets valued at $120 million and gets less than $45 million. We lose at least $75 million.
  • Lakewood residents faced with long stressful rides in emergency vehicles to other hospitals.
  • In addition, Lakewood loses $20 million in revenue over 10 years.
  • With no hospital, Lakewood citizens face tax increase.
  • Thousands of senior citizens lose access to nearby hospital.
  • Lakewood loses doctors who move their practices to be near a hospital.

This information is also available as a PDF you can download and print.