Get informed about Issue 64 with the Lakewood Observer

This week’s issue of the Lakewood Observer offers a thorough voters’ guide to the important arguments over Issue 64. Along with expert analysis, the Observer presents multiple voices for and against the deal that closed Lakewood Hospital.

The line-up against Issue 64 is diverse and compelling:

A team including Dr. Terry Kilroy, attorney Brian Essi, Betsy Voinovich and Dan Alaimo survey the main claims around 64 and what the possible outcomes will mean.

Yvonka Marie Hall, of the Northeast Ohio Black Health Coalition, draws on her experience of other hospital closures to set out the realities of reduced healthcare as offered by Issue 64.

Businessman and lifelong Lakewoodite Charles Milsaps reflects on being concerned for parents as they grow older—and on the security which only a community hospital can provide.

Longtime Lakewood resident Barbara Coleman encourages our community that we can do something about an irresponsible deal: vote against Issue 64.

Former Congressman Dennis Kucinich writes to the constituents whose interests he championed for many years, to offer support for the local citizens who continue that struggle. “I urge you to do so, to stand up for Lakewood, stand up for community” and reject Issue 64, he writes.

One of the Lakewood citizens who has maintained the struggle for a better option than Issue 64, Meg Ostrowski, sums up the experience for many:

I am proud to have been on the side fighting for a better plan for Lakewood than 64 provides. One that addresses the risk to lives due to delayed medical treatment; the inconvenience and hardship experienced by vulnerable residents; the loss of healthcare services and accompanying jobs; the loss of tax revenue; the loss of economic activity; and the loss of public assets. One that holds parties accountable; encourages market competition; demands fair compensation; and comes about via an open and transparent process.

Keep Lakewood strong. Say no thanks, we deserve a better deal, by voting AGAINST 64.