Humor with a point

As observed in Scene—and many, many other places—much of the argument surrounding Lakewood Hospital has bled into side-arguments and meta-controversies bordering on the surreal. Save Lakewood Hospital has tried to emphasize facts, and core issues. Yet the occasional, intentional diversion into humor does have its value, both as relief from a tense period for the community and possibly as a way to make an important point at the same time.

One recent post at the Lakewood Observer‘s online forum accomplishes both, to a degree that seems worth highlighting. Though the following is purely fictional and for entertainment purposes only, it does bear some resemblance to actual events which may or may not be intentional.

The City of Lakewood plans to close and tear down the Lakewood Public Library and replace it with a bookmobile run by the Cuyahoga County Public Library.

The CCPL bookmobile will provide Lakewood residents with access to a limited number of printed books and magazines, as well as access to the CCPL’s entire digital library of books and magazines.

… Under the terms proposed in an agreement with the city, the city will continue to own a portion of the current library site, with the remainder of the property, including all of the Lakewood Public Library’s books, magazines, videos, music, and all other personal property and financial assets being transferred to the CCPL.

Read the whole—pretend, invented, intentionally absurd—thing.