Huron Consulting report, other news

Huron Consulting, commissioned by the city to study Lakewood Hospital, has completed its final report. Certain of its observations have generated much discussion, among them:

Huron’s John Bodine spoke to city council about the findings on Monday. As reported at, Dr. George Khuri, a physician at Lakewood Hospital and a board member of Premier Physicians stated that the group of independent physicians is “more committed than ever to Lakewood Hospital and the city of Lakewood.” Look for more analysis and responses to the Huron report in the days ahead.

In the meantime…The lawsuit organized by Chris DeVito is proceeding, slowly.

The petition drive organized by Right to Vote, for a charter amendment referendum that would require a public vote if the city moves to close Lakewood Hospital, has turned in more than 2,300 signatures. This should be more than enough to put the amendment on this fall’s ballot.

Upcoming events include the “vision workshop” the evening of Wednesday, Aug. 19, and the fundraiser on Sunday, Aug. 23.

Finally, on a lighter note, good news in the newest Lakewood Observer, as Rob Masek’s Lakewoodites suggests that help is at hand.