Issue 64 Loses Key Endorsement

Major Defeat for City Officials – Victory for Save Lakewood Hospital

In November’s election, Lakewood residents will have an opportunity to vote for or against Issue 64.  The issue is voters’ opportunity to either approve or reject an ordinance passed by city council that closed Lakewood Hospital.

In a pivotal turn of events Thursday evening, Lakewood city officials failed to get an endorsement in favor of Issue 64 from the Lakewood Democratic Club.  While the mood among city officials and their supporters was gloomy when the results were announced, Save Lakewood Hospital Committee members were very pleased with the results.

“This means the tide is turning as more and more residents realize that we could have gotten a much better deal for our city had city officials not been influenced by special interests,” said Tom Monahan of Save Lakewood Hospital.

Save Lakewood Hospital Committee members continue to canvass door to door, asking citizens to vote against Issue 64 to overturn the ordinance that closed the hospital.

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Kevin Young
Media Relations
Save Lakewood Hospital Committee