More about St. Michael’s, Richmond

Former congressman Dennis Kucinich has been very active, during the past week, in promoting the fight for Lakewood Hospital. In addition to hosting local events, he has requested an investigation by Ohio’s attorney general.

Kucinich’s involvement has not proved popular with everyone. On Thursday, city council president Mary Madigan and law director Kevin Butler derided Kucinich’s actions, as well as his past efforts on behalf of St. Michael’s. Save Lakewood Hospital has reviewed facts about St. Michael’s, already; yesterday City of South Euclid councilman Marty Gelfand penned this further response about why efforts like Mr. Kucinich’s make a difference:

September 27, 2015

To the Editor of the Plain Dealer:

I read “Kucinich seeks state protection of assets,” (Sept. 25) and was taken aback by Councilwoman Madigan’s comments.

I was Congressman Kucinich’s senior counsel when we saved St. Michael and Richmond Heights hospitals. Those hospitals would have been leveled in early 2000 but for our intervention in state, federal, and Bankruptcy courts.  Cleveland Clinic would have fired every St. Michael employee on the spot if we had not legally blocked its maneuver. When St. Michael did close 3 years later, every employee was placed either in the UH system or in other area hospitals.

University Hospital Richmond Medical Center is thriving today, serving our constituents in South Euclid and competing with Cleveland Clinic hospitals in the eastern suburbs. Without our intervention in 2000, the Cleveland Clinic would have had a monopoly in northeast Cuyahoga County.

Madigan asks: where has Kucinich been? Although redistricted out of Congress after the 2010 census when Ohio lost 2 Congressional seats, he doesn’t need elective office to be an active citizen.  The rights to free speech, press and assembly as well as the right to petition our government for a redress of grievance belong to everyone.

Marty Gelfand

View a PDF of Mr. Gelfand’s original letter