Reality check: 64 means limited healthcare

In this fall’s vote on Issue 64, Lakewood will judge the legislation that closed our public hospital. But how many services actually shut down along with the hospital? How much is really gone if it remains closed and disused?

Almost everything.

Here’s the Cleveland Clinic’s web page for Lakewood, today. It lists more than a dozen services.

Here’s the archived web page of Lakewood Hospital in late 2015. It includes  those services plus at least 15 more major specialties. Lakewood Hospital provided all of the following services, all gone under the Issue 64 deal:

It’s worth noting that the services at Lakewood Hospital were so extensive that nine separate offerings were combined under just two headings: Neurological, and Rehabilitative Services. By contrast, the current list is padded out by making four or five “services” out of tests that could all be grouped together as “radiology.”

Issue 64 isn’t quality care, it’s severely limited care plus a lot of marketing. We deserve a better deal.

Vote against Issue 64.

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