Thank you, Lakewood parade-goers!

Today’s Independence Day parade was an outstanding reminder of how much our community can achieve, together.

Save Lakewood Hospital members in July 4, 2016 parade
A sea of support for Save Lakewood Hospital

A cross-section of Lakewood showed up to support Lakewood Hospital and a genuine, positive vision for our city. Young and old marched together behind a common banner:

Marches with "We Deserve a Better Deal" banner
YOU deserve a better deal, Lakewood!

The support from parade-goers was tremendous. Cheering was enthusiastic from beginning to end, and many many people pocketed leaflets and fans inviting them to learn more about the people’s vote on Lakewood Hospital at As the banner proclaims, November 8 is our opportunity to vote against closing our hospital, and to start restoring health care services fit for a great city.

Thanks again to one and all who made this day possible. Lakewood Observer correspondent Mike Deneen has more photos, and for a sense of the amazing energy and sound of the parade, Save Lakewood Hospital’s YouTube channel has a quick video: