The Cleveland Clinic Way in Lakewood

Cleveland Clinic magnet
If your magnet has different text, it is probably a misprint.

The Cleveland Clinic has mailed a postcard to Lakewood residents, digging in on misleading claims about its freestanding emergency department. No one should be fooled; the claim that Clinic physicians “skillfully treat… cardiac arrest and stroke” is still carefully separated from any promise that they do so in Lakewood. The don’t, and no one should turn to Lakewood’s ER for anything other than delays in real treatment for these conditions.

Meanwhile, this glossy advertisement makes another promise, less directly dangerous but even more plainly false: “In Lakewood. For Lakewood.” Really?

The Cleveland Clinic, plainly and simply, ran down Lakewood Hospital without any serious attempt to grow its place in the market—despite a lease requirement that it return the hospital as a going concern.

Where, after all, were the postcards and newspaper ads and PR tours and radio and TV ads when the Clinic was supposedly powerless to keep the hospital in business?

In return for overlooking all of this, city officials obtained a deal offering fewer services, fewer jobs, less local control over health care… and a free magnet. That isn’t in any way “for Lakewood,” and neither is the Cleveland Clinic.

We should vote against their deal in November.