This fall, vote AGAINST Issue 64

This November 8, Lakewood will vote on the deal to close Lakewood Hospital, which will appear on ballots as Issue 64.

Because the Board of Elections assigns issue numbers to cities in the alphabetical order of their names, a number may be reused in multiple years. But Issue 64 in the 2016 election is a new choice: the first and only direct public vote on closing Lakewood Hospital. We have a choice to vote for, or against the ordinance that closed the hospital.

Issue 64 will appear on the ballot as follows:

Ballot language of Nov. 2016 Issue 64To vote against the deal that closed Lakewood Hospital, vote AGAINST the ordinance on Issue 64.

Defeating the deal will send a clear message that Lakewood is not going to settle for second-class status, and that it’s time to reopen our great city to the much better options awaiting us. For more about this choice, visit