Twas The SLH Protest

By Marguerite Harkness

‘Twas the rainiest morning,
And out on the Street,
Stood legions of SLH folks,
Who wouldn’t be beat.

“Save Lakewood Hospital”,
They shouted out loud –
Save Lives, Save Jobs, and
Keep Lakewood proud!

The rain was relentless,
The puddles were deep,
The drivers were happy
To tell us “Beep-Beep”!

The Clinic cops were decent,
This we must say,
As we cleared the crosswalks,
And promised to obey.

Back home before breakfast,
Our coats soaking wet,
Our gloves and our pants
And our shoes were a mess!

Toby is bragging,
We heard with alarm,
He says Clinic’s flush,
Means Lakewood no harm.

But Clinic monopoly
In Lakewood’s own town
Means Lakewood’s economy
Is heading WAY DOWN!

A thousand of jobs,
And a ton of dough,
No inpatient beds,